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1000 Foundlings Find their Mothers (Safety Chair)
Short excerpt from an animated installation with paintings

‘1000 Foundlings Find their Mothers’, was a well documented, influential, post-industrial, pre-enlightenment movement led by scores of the socially abandoned who took laughter as their mother. A popular charter presented to the house was later dismissed on the grounds that no concrete evidence yet existed for the movement's social efficiency.

Various paintings in this installation become ventriloquised through light projections, singing and telling stories extracted from interview and script.

The choral arrangement of a traditional lullaby was originally created for 15 paintings in collaboration with composer Teresa Chung. This section is sung by mouths journeying from their ‘Safety chair’.

English translation of lullaby-
‘Sleep my dear little son, sleep without worry or pain. You will come out of your swaddling clothes and you will go to school. My dear little son, you will learn your ABC. You will leave the school and you will go to the square. Yai, my dear little son, you will learn to be a merchant. You will leave the square you will go on to further study. Yai, my dear little son then you will be the best’.