Portfolio > The Twelve Apostles as Babies (Installation)

Still images from The Twelve Apostles as Babies, an Installation which was created within an enclosed, dimly lit, theatrical environment.

On entering the space, viewers perceive various barely distinguishable paintings, hung on 3 walls. Otherworldly voices drift in from all corners as the ventriloquised paintings breath, interact and become illuminated through light projections, choral music and conversation.

Collectively they tell the tale of the Twelve Apostles as Babies, which recounts the infant’s arrival for the second coming without Christ. Dressing up as Ghandi, Johnny Rotten and others, they learn the good deeds of those who came both after and before them, eventually spreading their good news through various careers.

Written and directed by Lexi Strauss
Coventry Carol arrangement composed and directed by Ben Woodgates with LexI Strauss.
Babies in Trees of light composition by Lexi Strauss
Performed by Rebecca Hardwick, Poppy Ewence, Caitlin Frizzell and Jonathan JB Webb.