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Sensitive Worm

An Audience with the Worm.

Opening discussion around environmental and sexual politics, and 'The Arts' (or play) as innate tools for individual and communal resilience.

The Earthworm symbolises a personal, performative transition from animated imagery to live performance- via puppetry, costume and film.

Earthworms are hermaphrodites and excessively sensitive to pleasure and pain. Their entire bodies are covered with tiny sensory organs and nerve endings- in order to feel vibrations and textures in their surroundings to avoid predators, seek out safe conditions and do their work.

They possess the hormone nematocin, an ancient nematode version of the human love hormone oxytocin, which responds to touch and regulates sociability.

Do be gentle when handling worms, as the salt in human skin is toxic for them and dehydrates their skin.