Lexi Strauss
Tupperware PartyI Always Loved You, I Just Didn't Understand You Until NowImage of MeI always loved you, I just didn't understand you until now.Sooterkin. The Eminent are there Day and Night, Watching for her Next Production.I Always Loved You (2)The Apostles Learn the Good Deeds of those who Came Before and After them (Ghandi). Plan B
Vulnerability and Rigidity series (Various Clowns)
'Vulnerable Party', '1000 Foundlings Find Their Mothers' and 'The Twelve Apostles as Babies' are examples of key narratives that weave throughout my practice. Paintings suggest narratives and vice versa.

Vulnerable Party relates the search for a supremely divine clown leader- humane and genuinely open, with strengths and weaknesses acceptably exposed. However, the ideology is incompatible with the idea of a ‘Political Party’ or movement, since it concerns individuation. Thus, the party is reduced to a one-person campaign, without cabinet or voters.